Why rifle cartridge holder is a must to ensure long shell live?

Nothing is going to be there for ever. Same is the case when it comes to rifle shells. Rifle shells have an expiry and therefore to push the expiry date further away, they should be saved in rifle cartridge holder. There are two main enemies of the ammo’s.   First is the moisture and humidity and second is heat. In order to protect the rifle cartridges from the harm they need to be saved in storage boxes. These increases there shelve life also productivity.

The storage units for the rifle cartridge holder have proved to be very useful-

  • Bullets break down when exposed to extremes of climatic conditions and temperatures. By keeping the shells in the rifle cartridge holder, they remain extremely save. They are not exposed to the extremes of temperature. They are kept in controlled temperature and thus they can survive longer.
  • Protects the rifle cartridges from expose to moisture and humidity. Moisture and humidity are also enemies of the bullets. When exposed to these conditions they loose their efficiency and thus break down over time.
  • It keeps people of the reach. Ammunitions are not play items. They need to be kept save and away from the reach of not only children but adults too.
  • Helps in organizing and keeping the ammunitions ready whenever needed. The storage units for ammunitions have different layouts and designs. These layouts and designs have been laid keeping in mind that bullets are of different sizes.

There are different kinds of ammunitions holders which are available. Each of these holders has been made to keep the bullets away from reach and also protect if from heat and humidity.

There are sealed bags, metal and plastic containers which are available. There are available in different sizes and shapes. These have the ability to keep away moisture from the bullets which are most necessary. These materials are designed to lock away moisture from the bullets.

There are also steel storage containers which are available easily. These steel containers keep the bullets from humidity, moisture and thus prevents from corrosion of the bullets. To open these stored bullets form the steel cans there are special openers which are required. These openers are generally provided with the cans.

Along with storing in air tight containers, applying a little of gun oil on the bullets also increases their life. Thus in this way one can protect the shells for about 10 years.

Why rifle cartridge holders are of utmost importance?

For gunmen and soldiers carrying guns and rifles are a part of their uniform. Another quintessential item which they need to carry along with them is extra ammunition’s. While shooting most of the time there is a shortage of bullets and they need to refill their guns from time to time to keep them ready for attack.  To keep the bullets gunmen have to keep them secure in rifle cartridge holder.

Cartridge needs to be kept with utmost care and protection. Keeping them where ever and in poor conditions needs to loose their efficiency and also is unsafe.

Here are few tips which shooters must keep in mind when it comes to taking care of the ammunition’s-

  • Never store cartridges in cold, hot or wet conditions. Always keep them free from moisture.
  • Burying ammunitions without any holders underground in totally unsafe.
  • Keep ammunitions away from reach of people. Store them very safely
  • Gunmen should not keep their bullets in heavy containers

Storing of cartridges is not very easy. It should be stored with great care and utmost protections for different reasons as discussed. Therefore there are rifle cartridge holders, which are available. There are different cartridges holders. There are certain holders which have been designed to hood cartridges. While there are others which allows to store and carry the cartridges easily.

For keeping bullets and shells handy there are cartridge holder belts which are easily available. There are some gunmen who prefer making their old. Leather bullet keeping shells are highly preferred. Leather is durable and hardy. They can save the shells from losing their effectiveness. These leather belts are worn just like others belts. Only that they have individual loops for storing the bullets.

For hoarding bullets to use them in times of need cans, boxes and pouches are used. These storages are available in different sizes are and in materials. Commonly used is the polyprolene plastic. The box is divided into different compartments of different sizes so as to organize the shells. Each shell is separated from the other so ask to prevent corrosion of the bullets.

These cartridge holders are available in different styles and capacities. For small number of bullet storage pouches can be used but for more cans and boxes are used. These storage options are available at various prices and varieties, according to the need of the shooters.

Design and customize your personal rifle cartridge holders and belts

Every hunter and shooter requires having his personal ammunition close by. It must be conveniently reachable. Of course these shooters and hunters can definitely buy rifle cartridge holder anytime they want. Even a rifle belt can be used instead of the rifle cartridge holder. But these belts are quite expensive. They can actually opt for experimenting and designing their own customized rifle cartridge belts.

Choosing the material- the material of the belt can be of anything. But choosing from leather, denim or heavy canvas for the cartridge belt is considered to be the best option. The material chosen should also be according to the sewing skills and also equipments they have along with correct needles and thread.

  • Leather work- in case of using leather for making cartridge belt gets a belt which fits the hip perfectly. The places where the loops are to be attached should be marked prominently. From beginning to the ending, every individual loops should be marked properly. After marking, the belt should be laid down straight. The cartridge loops should be measured correctly. Then they should be stitched at the points marked for loops with the heavy-duty sewing machine. The process of stitching is very simple- just pushing the needle back and forth with upholstery threads. The loop hole should not be big or loose since the cartridges might slip from them.
  • Denim and heavy canvas- in case of using denim or canvas, the belt will have to be stitched. The denim and elastic are available in various sizes, width and designs in most of the fabric shops. It has to be stitched in the form of belt with double layer. Business ends of the leather belt should be added at the two individual ends for fastening the belt easily. The cartridge loops should be made from elastic. The same stitching procedure is followed as mentioned above in leather work. The measurement of the loop is not so important. The elastics itself shrinks and adjusts with the cartridges. Henceforth the loop should be kept smaller so that the cartridges fit snugly.  To stitch, normal sewing machine with heavy-duty thread can be used.

Not only the shooters have their own personal designed belts but also they are cost effective. They can have as many loops for cartridges they want and according to different sizes.  Even cartridge holders can be made at home with similar process. These belts and holders last much longer than ready made rifle cartridge holder.

Different varieties of rifle cartridge holders in accordance with requirements

A rifle cartridge holder is usually a belt for holding cartridges for rifles. There are various designs and patterns available in cartridge holder. Some of them have leather covering while others have nylon coverings. There are different sizes available. Some of the rifle cartridge holder’s are.

  • Butt stock Rifle Cartridge holder- this holder is specifically convenient. It attaches securely to the butt of all rifles. It has the capacity of holding nine shells. The material of this holder is highly durable and can last for years even after using aggressively outdoors.
  • 10 rounds Rifle Bullet Band Butt stock Elastic Ammo Sleeve Holder- this particular ammo sleeve holder ends at the end of the back stock. It holds ten cartridges altogether. The size of the cartridge which it holds is of 270 up to 30.06. This holder is convenient for carrying cartridges for tactical and hunting purposes.
  • Rifle Butt stock Cartridge Holder- the broomstick rifle accessory holder is fashioned from a highly superior quality of elastic nylon. This holds nine cartridges altogether. The holder slides easily and quickly on the banal of the rifle. The ammunition is easily accessible from there.
  • Elastic Butt stock Rifle Cartridge Holder- this holder has slots for six cartridge of magnum size. It is made from elastic. It forms a very tight hold on the stock. The main characteristic of this holder is that it has a Velcro strap. Therefore, it attaches around the dorsal of the rifle securing the cartridge holder.
  • Neoprene Rifle Cartridge Holder- this is a classic vintage cartridge holder. It is considered ideal for hunting and shooting. It is made up of leather material. It holds up to seven cartridges. The neoprene protects the rifle stock from scratches and bumps. It also has foam at the back which acts as a recoil pad slightly. The cut out guarantees the rifle tug attaches freely to the attaching sling. The strap of Velcro holds the holder to rifle easily. It is usually available in brown color. The cowboy designed cartridge holder is easily accessible for the shooter.

While shooting, the shooter usually runs out of the bullet in the rifle. In order to continue shooting, cartridges must be kept handy. Henceforth they should be stored in rifle cartridge holder for easy access. The shooters can easily buy these holders online or by visiting the shop personally. However, before buying online, they must check various sites and select the one which has best option available under its umbrella.

Refill the rifle cartridge holder any time any where with ammunition boxes

It is obvious for a shooter or hunter to have rifle cartridge holder when they are hunting or shooting or sporting. However, these holders cannot store many cartridges. It can store reserve only for a single use. Therefore, opting to store ammunition and cartridges in boxes is a necessity.

The ammunitions are usually sold in low quality cardboard boxes. These boxes always wear out in sometime.  The activities of using and man-handling the box makes it less durable. The rifle cartridge should be stored in cases such as wooden boxes or plastic containers for longevity. These wooden and plastic boxes can be store anywhere. These boxes need not be fancy. It can also be customized to the required size in accordance with the rifle cartridge size.

Storing and using cartridge boxes have their own benefits for holding up the hunting and sports ammunition.

  • The ammunition boxes are usually weather resistant and have minimal erosion. The case is indeed a secure location for keeping the ammunitions.
  • It also helps in storing large quantities of cartridges as the price of the bullets are rising everyday.
  • The box also helps in securing the bullets from children and prying eyes especially while transporting, as they are not visible from the container.
  • The ammunition casket is of great importance and use in case of custom reloads. It aids by allowing separating all the different loads variations.
  • Having a good quality cartridge carrier also helps in protecting the bullets. It will cradle and preserve the custom hand loads. It may also have cell foam within so that the bullets do not rattle while the box is carried or transported.

The boxes are available in various designs, patterns and sizes. They can be bought from shops or can be ordered online. There are more options and availability while buying online. Various sites provide different choices and alternatives that can be considered before buying. However, these boxes are costly. Whence, those who cannot afford can definitely opt for making their own ammunition boxes. The procedure of building the ammunition casket is very easy. With required materials and tools, the box can be prepared in sometime. Material can be used according to their needs and requirements.

The shooters and hunters can always refill their rifle cartridge holder with ammunitions whenever required from these boxes. Whence, storing ammunitions in boxes should not be considered trivial.